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Diaper cream

Is your baby’s skin irritated by the diaper? Don’t worry, this is normal because the baby’s skin is so sensitive. We recommend you use the diaper cream from Repavar® Pediatrics. It regulates the pH of the baby’s skin, acts as a protective barrier in contact with the diaper and prevents the appearance of reddened patches, irritations or stinging. Additionally, it contains R. rubiginosa Rosehip Oil and other active ingredients that have an emollient, soothing and calming effect.

With the Repavar® Pediatrics diaper cream, your baby’s skin will be well protected and looked after.


R. Rubiginosa Rosehip Oil 100 %, phytic acid, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, bisabolol and vitamin E.


75 ml tube.

Diaper Cream Repavar
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