Atopic Piel

Body cream and lotion

People with atopic skin need to use daily hygiene products that help to care for their skin. The Atopic Piel product range is specifically designed for this.

The body cream and lotion have a repairing, emollient and protective effect. They help to improve and maintain the structure of the epidermis, with a preventive and soothing effect. The formula is enriched with active ingredients that alleviate itching and strengthen the damaged skin barrier. The texture is non-greasy, is easy to apply and is quickly absorbed.


Body cream: Biomimetic lipid hydrocomplex, concentrated linoleic acid, hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Body lotion: Concentrated linoleic acid, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, biomimetic lipid hydrocomplex.


Body cream: 150 ml tube.
Body lotion: 200 ml bottle and 500 ml bottle with dispenser.