Diaper rash occurs when the baby’s skin is in contact with a wet diaper for a long time. The acids in urine and faeces, and the growth of bacteria and fungus caused by the warm, wet environment, attack the baby’s fine, delicate skin, causing irritation and a stinging feeling.

To prevent diaper rash it is advisable to use disposable diapers and try to keep the area as dry as possible. The tips below can also help to avoid this problem:

  • Change your baby’s diaper as soon as you notice it is wet and make sure the adhesive tapes are not sticking to the baby’s skin.
  • Always clean the area with mild, neutral soap, without using any chemical detergents and make sure the soap is perfume free.
  • Dry the baby’s skin thoroughly before putting a clean diaper back on.
  • Always use a barrier cream after each diaper change, the ones that contain zinc oxide are very recommendable.
  • Do not use antibiotic or steroid creams without consulting your paediatrician first.
  • For very severe irritations we recommend you let your baby’s skin breathe, leaving the diaper off for a few hours a day.

If the condition does not improve after following these tips, consult your paediatrician or dermatologist so they can assess new measures.